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Flute Extravaganza

Flutists from the Quincy Symphony Orchestra, the Quincy Concert Band and the Quincy Park Band are joining together to present a Flute Extravaganza for the people of the tri-state area. This unique performance is a Sunday Music Series program and will be held February 24, at 4 p.m. at the First Union Congregational Church, 105 North 12th Street, Quincy.
The program will include music for solo flute, a trio, quartet and a flute choir, which incorporates the four different members of the flute family – piccolo, C flute, alto flute and bass flute.
The participating flutists from the different organizations are Dawn Cook, Suzi Duker, Stephanie Fee, Crista Fodor, Leah Hanlin, Connie Hook, Annette Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Amanda Longo, Kathy Oakley, Ellen Obrock, Rose Ruzicka and Charlotte Stroot.
Music will be performed in a variety of styles. The program includes two medleys, a George M. Cohan Medley arranged by Paul Nagle and Music from the Fantastiks arranged by Anne McGinty. Other selections are Harmonious Blacksmith Variations by George Handel, arranged by Katherine Borst Jones; Flight of the Bumblebee, Sailor’s Hornpipe, Can-Can, Claire de Lune, Stars and Stripes Forever, Four Moods of Pan, Prince of Denmark’s March, Danse of the Mirlitons from the Nutcracker Suite and the Halleluiah Chorus.
Ruzicka will perform the Senitmentale, Baroque and Blue movements from the Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano by Claude Bolling. She will be accompanied by Steve Buckman on piano. Rose is a member of the Quincy Concert Band and also a private flute teacher. Two of her former students, Oakley and Longo, will be in the flute choir. Longo is an admissions councilor at Quincy University and will be performing with the Quincy Concert Band for the first time this session. Oakley has been busy teaching and raising her family and is now ready to begin playing again.
Duker was Oakley’s first flute teacher. Suzi plays with the Quincy Concert Band. Other members of the Quincy Concert Band playing with the flute choir are Fodor, Hook and Annette Johnson. Fodor is also a member of the Quincy Park Band.
Other members from the Quincy Park Band playing with the choir are Stroot, Fee and Cook. Stroot and Fee are also flutists with the Quincy Symphony Orchestra. Stroot is in her 45th season with the orchestra and is a private flute teacher. She directs a student flute choir called the Flautissimo Flute Choir. Fee has played with the orchestra for 20 years and teaches private lessons.
Rounding out the choir are Obrock, Debbie Johnson and Hanlin. Obrock teaches private lessons, has played with the Quincy Concert Band and in the orchestra for the Muddy River Opera Company. Johnson is a music teacher with the Quincy Public Schools, directing bands at the junior high school and assisting with the high school band. Hanlin has played with the Quincy Concert Band and is coming out of retirement to play with the choir.
Everyone is welcome to attend this free concert. It will be an afternoon of beautiful sounds and fun music. For more information call 223-5073.

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