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Fun and Easy Birthday Parties

Fun and easy birthday parties
Posted on Tue, June 17th, 2008
Written by: J.B. Baker, Editor

Let’s face it – birthday parties can be a lot of work for parents. From the cake to the party games, to keeping a hoard of rambunctious kids entertained for an hour – parents are always looking for a stress-free way to entertain the birthday child on their big day. Luckily, there are many local entertainers and venues that allow parents to spend their time enjoying their child’s reactions to their party, rather than running around making sure the guests are happy.
Reptile Adventure
It is not every birthday party where a child pets a snake, gets up-close and personal with a horned frog, or learns about the habitat of a red-footed tortoise, but Reptile Adventure offers a different spin on the traditional cake and ice cream party.
“Kids are fascinated by the animals we bring,” said Jessica Shea, the owner of both the business, and the friendly reptiles.
Shea, who majored in biology at college, said her love of reptiles was formed when she was a child and a local biology teacher and herpetologist, shared his passion by bringing the animals into classrooms.
Shea’s goal is to provide the same experience for a new generation of children. Not only is the Reptile Adventure show a cheerful and positive introduction to reptiles; it's educational as Shea shares “stranger than fiction” facts so kids can better understand the role that reptiles play in our world. Shea, and her assistant, are sensitive to the fact that some children may harbor fears.
“No matter where I go there are at least a few kids are afraid, but because we are very sensitive, at the end of the show that child is usually eagerly holding a snake,” Shea said. “We can teach children they don’t have to be afraid.”
The fee is $100 for 45 minutes for shows held in the Capital Region, and Shea requests parents call at least a couple of weeks in advance, but recommends that parents call as soon as they have a date.
For information, call Jessica Shea at 495-8684 or visit the Web site at

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