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Poetry Renassaince Underway


Award Winning Poet releases second volume of published poems.

QUINCY, IL Ė December 2008 Ė Saadia Ali Aschemann started posting her poetry online in early 2006. It didnít take long for fans to find her work and demand more poems, collections and books they could hold and treasure. Aschemann says words wake her up in the middle of the night and haunt her until she can wrestle them into some form of syntax, style and structure. Her poems are born from a love of rap music, cell-phone texting and a compulsive word obsession.

WORDS GONE WILD is a second volume of relevant observations and interpretations of the way we live our lives today. Aschemann not only draws the reader into her poems through contemporary themes, but also gently guides the reader through sonnet structure and haiku habits. Aschemann muses about a great glass of wine, a loverís inattentiveness, sin, seduction and the curious habits of children lost in play. Along the way, she throws back the curtain and lets the reader see the magic behind her work with exquisite explanations of poetic form that accompany many of her entries.

Aschemannís newest volume of poetry, WORDS GONE WILD, is nothing short of a burning and furious romance with words and daily life. She writes about red state voters, yellow bikinis and Sambuca. She writes about thoughts that flash through her mind after finishing a Facebook post but before running car pool for neighboring children.
WORDS GONE WILD is a deliciously mature x-ray of the soul of todayís woman. Mother, daughter, wife and author, Aschemann shares her deepest interpretations of the world around her with a growing readership. Already voted Best Poet in the annual Preditors and Editors Readers Poll 2007, Aschemann is well on her way to becoming the preeminent voice of contemporary poets online and on bookshelves everywhere.


Saadia Ali Aschemann holds a bachelorís degree from George Mason University in Government and Politics and a masterís degree from The University of Illinois in Educational Leadership. She received the Best Poet Award in the annual Preditors and Editors Readersí Poll for 2007. She was the featured poet in a short story collection entitled Bloggerís Delight: Stories of Love and Redemption. Her first book, lavish lines/luscious lies, was published in 2007 by FireFly Publishing. Her second book, Words Gone Wild, was released in 2008. She lives in Illinois with her husband and children.

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