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Quincy Man Earns Wachovia Way Award

John Stevenson, a financial advisor with Wachovia Securities in Quincy, has received the "Wachovia Way" award in recognition of his personal and professional achievements.

"The award originated two years ago," said Steve Grawe, manager of the Quincy office. "The recipient of the award is unaware that he will be honored. Friends, colleagues and family are filmed in advance, speaking of the honoree, then the video presentation is part of the award ceremony."

Grawe said Stevenson was honored because of his loyalty to his clients, his devotion to family and his philanthropy.

Stevenson's wife of 43 years, Carolyn, was with him in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, when he received the award in late May. His children, John and Jenny, surprised him with their attendance.

"I never thought this would be given to me," Stevenson said. "It's not based on volume or sales. As the ceremony began, I said to Carolyn, 'I'm too blunt and honest to ever get this.' Then the video opened showing a large body of water, and I realized it was the (Mississippi) river. I was humbled."

Grawe said the recognition is a testament to Stevenson's character.

"At the end of the day, it's about taking care of people," said Grawe. "Not only has he taken care of his clients for over 30 years, he has been active and generous in several community foundations and charities."

Stevenson said he believes it's important to give to the less fortunate.

"It is a tradition of mine to quietly help," he said. "Quincy is unique, and we are blessed, but there is plenty of opportunity to help. I shouldn't be recognized for doing the right thing. This honor is totally unexpected and greatly appreciated."

Patty Douglas, development director for the Salvation Army of Quincy, said Stevenson's recognition of his own blessings leads him to "give back to the community and others who don't have what he has."

His example, she believes, motivates others to become involved.

In recognition of the Wachovia Way honor, a bronze impression of Stevenson's hands will be placed in a permanent location in the Richmond, Va., headquarters of Wachovia Securities.

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